Curated by Faith Holland & Nora O’ Murchú

Artists: Lillian Schwartz / Arleen Schloss / Olia Lialina / Claudia Hart / Carla Gannis / Rosa Menkman / Jillian Mayer

And more Artists: Coded After Lovelace concludes with a closing event on September 2nd (7 - 10pm) featuring “Click Click Click,” a screening of contemporary digital video and GIF works that encompass a broad variety of practices and approaches, including artists Lorna Mills, Jennifer Chan, Gaby Cepeda and Adriana Minoliti, Nicole Killian, Giselle Zatonyl, Claudia Maté, Dafna Ganani, Tessa Siddle, Morehshin Allahyari, Eva Papamargariti, Sabrina Ratté, Geraldine Juárez, Claire Evans, and more to be announced.

Whitebox Art Center
329 Broome St, New York, New York 10002

On view August 14th – September 2nd 
Opening reception August 14th 7 – 9pm

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“The anger of the weak never goes away, Professor, it just gets a little moldy. It molds like a beautiful blue cheese in the dark, growing stronger, and more interesting. The poor and the weak die with all their anger intact and probably those angers go on growing in the dark of the grave like the hair and the nails.” ― Marge Piercy from “Woman on the Edge of Time”

"NINO: Nonsense In, Nonsense Out—that’s the motto on every kenner. It means your theory is no better than your practice, or your body than your nutrition. Your encyclopedia only produces the information or misinformation fed it. So on." from "Woman on the Edge of Time" by Marge Piercy